Delta variant quells economic surge among small businesses
28. September 2021
With 22% of small businesses reporting impacts of the Delta variant and another 22% expecting to be impacted in the future, small business leaders are tempering their projections and investments to ride out the currents that have quelled the economic surge. Over half – 56% of small businesses – report no impacts or concerns for the future, a figure that has likely shifted since the time of the survey due to rising cases and hospitalizations.

7 CEO Leadership Styles and How to Discover Your Own
02. August 2021
Whether you’re a first-time CEO or a seasoned chief executive, take a look at the different leadership styles below and see which one seems to reflect your current approach. Is it clear-cut that you are one over another, or do you blend styles? What attribute from these styles would you like to begin to practice? Explore the seven main leadership styles.

How CEOs overcome being stuck in the weeds
14. July 2021
When CEOs get stuck in the weeds—giving their attention to too many issues at once—it’s often difficult to find their way out. Many issues vie for the CEO’s attention. There’s the budget, brand, board, employees, executive team, plans for the future, and dozens of other details. Taken together, they can overwhelm CEOs, leaving them feeling like they’re surrounded by tall grass with no escape.

CEO Projections 2021: Reigniting the Growth Engine
25. May 2021
No one saw the pandemic coming. Just one year ago, the spread of COVID-19 brought the economy to its knees in matter of weeks, testing CEOs like never before. No matter your job, company, or industry, the COVID-19 pandemic took us all by surprise. And as a result, every 2020 forecast and strategic plan got tossed in the trash as businesses moved first into reaction mode, then to survival mode and finally, into the recovery mode.

3 signs of WFH burnout and how CEOs can recognize it in their staff
05. May 2021
While working remotely has distinct advantages (can’t beat the commute), many employees may experience work from home burnout. Remote work has resulted in people working longer hours and not setting proper limits, leading to workdays that have no discernable beginning or end. It’s important for C-suite leaders to recognize signs of burnout in both on-site and remote workers since job stress and fatigue affect all individuals in different ways.

How to think like a rookie CEO
05. April 2021
For CEOs, experience isn’t everything. In fact, research shows that rookie CEOs often outperform seasoned veterans. Research from Spencer Stuart, an executive search and leadership consulting company, finds that there’s “no premium for prior CEO experience.” Their research, which examined 855 S&P 500 CEOs over the past two decades, found that rookie CEOs last three years longer than seasoned CEOs and experience less volatility in their performance.

5 ways CEOs can keep teams focused and accountable
22. March 2021
As CEO, it’s not only your job to run the business, but you also need to inspire positivity and focus in your employees. So how do you do this? It might not always be easy, but it is actually pretty clear: Build and sustain relationships.

Lonely At The Top?
11. March 2021
While the top can be lonely, it doesn’t need to be. Here are six steps executives can take to feel less lonely at the top.

Vistage Updates
25. February 2021
As a Vistage Chair, I work with CEOs, business owners and other top executives to help them become better leaders, make better decisions and achieve better results.


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